Get a cash offer right now to buy you car, truck van, or SUV just a call away!

Junk cars Los AngelesSelling your junk car or truck is a short, three-step process:

  1. Call 323-205-7761. When we receive your call, someone located in the area will answer your call. There will be no remote operator or call room involved.
  2. Evaluation process. A member of our team will ask you a few questions about your car or truck in order to give you an appropriate price for what you’re selling.
  3. Pick-up and payment. After giving you a quote, we can schedule the pick-up service for your car. Let us know what time works best for you, we don’t want to be inconvenient or intrusive as we respect and value your time.
    Our junk car buyers follow a simple process that will allow you to sell your junk car or junk truck in no time and with no trouble. On top of that, you will be paid when we pick up your car, no more checks lost in the mail and no more need to take your car to the buyers!

When our tow truck gets to your place our friendly staff will have some paperwork to be filled out. This can be quickly done, the forms are pretty straightforward and simple and you will get all the help you need. You will also get a salvage bill of sale after the whole process is done.